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Disappointed by lack of mementos

 Olumo Rock Pictures
 Pictures taken after the tourist site  renovations

April 2011
Tourist mementos - A visitor to the rock is astounded by the beauty of the rock but disappointed at the end of the visit due to a lack of suitable mementos to remember the visit by. The visitor's email to olumorock.com is posted below in the hope that those to whom it should concern may find it and act on it.

My name is [REDACTED] and I visisted the Olumo rock last week. Although I found the Rock very astounding and simply breath taking, there was no way of me having something equally beautiful to remind me of my visit. On a visit such as this people like to purchase mementos which they can display to show that they have visited such a monumental place as the Olumo rock. The essence of my writing is simply to state that the products that are sold in the shop are not varied enough and to a rather poor standard. People will spend money on quality if it is available. Therefore, I propose that with permission from the Head of Olumo that I can come up with some design ideas of mementos (key rings, stationeries, plaque, etc) that could be added to enhance the collection you currently have. I also want to suggest that perhaps the location of the shop (hidden behind the gates) is off putting and should be moved to a more open space. I await hearing from you.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,


If you are an official of Olumo Rock or Ogun State Tourism and you wish to contact the original sender to take up their offer of memento suggestions and design, send an email to contact [at] olumorock [dot] com.

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